When migrating from an existing solution to SKULabs you have the option to continue fulfillment in your existing software in combination with SKULabs while also instructing SKULabs to manage your inventory. This configuration is not recommended, but for specific operations is a viable solution if you can't fulfill your orders using the shipping providers supported by SKULabs. Note: Third-party deduction mirroring may not be included in your SKULabs plan. Contact support for more details.

The ideal configuration for automated deduction of any kind requires you have only a single warehouse which is synced across all of your channels that require automated deduction. As soon as more than one warehouse is introduced, we do not have enough information during real-time auto-deduction to determine which warehouse fulfilled this inventory in your third-party software.

Additionally, all of your items will need to have been assigned to your warehouse in order to be deducted. If you use the "remove items from locations with 0 inventory" option, use transfer orders to remove items from locations, or reconcile inventory in a way that removes items' location assignments you will need to manually review your ShipStation sync log, your shipped orders tab for failed deductions, or otherwise manually keep track of these orders that fail deduction.

Additional information about each deduction option can be found below:

Auto-Deduct is a shipping rule which requests that orders be deducted in bulk. A default rule is provided which can be enabled to auto-deduct your shipped orders. Your sales channel must support shipped order import for this to work for your operations. This options is most permissive because it will import orders for your review which are unable to be automatically deducted so you can link listings or otherwise account for them properly.

ShipStation sync will sync shipments made in ShipStation into SKULabs as they occur. SKULabs does not have to support the sales channel that you ship with for ShipStation sync to work. Splitting orders is not officially supported, but improvements in ShipStation split order support are continual.

Bulk Deduction can be performed from the shipped orders page on orders containing 0 shipments in order to account for inventory.

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