The Shipped tab allows you to view and manage shipped batches within a given time range. Shipped batches are those that have been fulfilled and shipped by you or another SKULabs user.

Available Actions

A number of actions can be performed on this tab, including:

  • Columns: You can show or hide any of the columns available for this table. Those column options are listed below.
  • Search: This allows you to search for batches by their batch number, fulfillment date, and more.

Shipped Batches Table

Your shipped batches are laid out in a table. You can expand an batch to view more information about it, such as its orders and their contents, by toggling the Expand button.

This table can be sorted by any of its columns, and columns can be shown or hidden by toggling them in the Columns menu. The columns available include:

  • Batch #: The automatically generated number that is assigned to the batch.
  • User: The user account that created the batch.
  • Status: The current fulfillment status of the batch. This indicates if the batch has been opened by another user, if it has been cleared for shipping, or if it has been shipped in full or in part.
  • Started: The date and time that the batch was created.
  • Last Modified: The date and time that the batch was last edited or progressed on.
  • Elapsed: The total time since the batch was created.
  • # Orders: The total number of orders included in the batch.
  • # Items: The total number of items included in the batch.
  • Orders/hr: The average fulfillment speed, measured in orders per hour.
  • Items/hr: The average fulfillment speed, measured in items per hour.
  • Pick time: The total elapsed time spent on picking items for the batch.
  • Ship time: The total elapsed time spent configuring shipments for the batch.
  • Pack time: The total elapsed time spent preparing packages for the batch.
  • Total: The total value of the items in the order. This may not reflect the amount paid by the customer due to other factors, such as sales tax and promotional discounts.
  • Locations: The location or list of locations that an order's items are kept in.
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