The Kits tab allows you to manage all of your kits and their contents. You can filter kits by activity or by custom tags, and perform actions like creating new kits.

Kits represent a combination of items of various quantities. A kit can include multiple items, or multiple quantities of an item, and can have listings linked to them instead of their contents.

Available Actions

A number of actions can be performed on this tab, including:

Menu: This menu contains a couple of tools that can help quickly manage your kits:

  • Kits summary: This will show you the available inventory for each kits' contents, as well as the possible inventory for each kit as a result.
  • Custom fields: This tool allows you to see any custom fields set up for your kits at a glance. You can also import or export custom fields and information via CSV spreadsheets.

Actions: This menu contains a couple of tools that can affect a selected kit or group of kits:

  • Delete kits: This will delete any kits that you've selected, unlinking any items or listings that were connected to the kits.

Add kit: This allows you to quickly create a new kit with new or existing items as its contents.

Filters: You can filter what is shown in the kits table by tag or activity.

Tags: You can add tags to or remove tags from selected items by toggling the tags in this menu. Select Manage tags to add or edit available tags.

Search: This allows you to search for kits by their name, SKU, tags, and more.

Kits Table

Your kits are laid out in a table. This table can be sorted by any of its columns, and all of its contents can be found in the search function on the page. The columns shown include:

  • Name: The name that was entered when creating the kit. Select a kit's name to open the Kit page, where you can manage its contents and any listings that it's connected to.
  • SKU: The unique identifier that is tied to the kit and its listing. You can edit a kit's listing SKU by clicking the kit's name and editing the details on the Kit page.
  • Fulfillment SKU: If a kit is part of the Fulfillment by Amazon program, this fulfillment SKU may be used to submit fulfillment orders to Amazon's distribution centers.
  • # Items: This shows the number of catalog items that are listed as the contents for a kit. Note that this does not show the total quantity of individual items that makes up a kit (i.e. a kit that is a 10-pack of an item will show 1 in this column, not 10).
  • Tags: Custom tags can be created and added to kits, items, or orders. Tags can be labeled however you choose, and can be used for various organization needs. To add tags to a kit, toggle the checkbox on the kit's row and toggle the desired tag in the Tags menu.
  • Active: This indicates whether or not this kit should be available in inventory management and order fulfillment functionality. Marking a kit as inactive can hide it from view in many cases, and can be done by going to the Kit page and toggling its Active status.
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