The Closed tab allows you to manage closed purchase orders within a given time range. Closed purchase orders are those that have been received and closed by a user in your warehouse.

Available Actions

A number of actions can be performed on this tab, including:

  • Filters: You can filter what is shown in the purchase orders table by distributor.
  • Columns: You can show or hide any of the columns available for this table. Those column options are listed below.
  • Search: This allows you to search for purchase orders by their distributor, creation date, and more.

Closed Orders Table

Your closed orders are laid out in a table. This table can be sorted by any of its columns. The columns available include:

  • PO #: The unique identifier that was manually entered or automatically generated when the purchase order was created. You can manage a purchase order by selecting its PO # and going to the Purchase Order page.
  • Warehouse: The warehouse for which the purchase order was created.
  • Distributor: The distributor that the purchase order was submitted to. You can manage your distributors in the Distributors tab.
  • Status: This indicates whether or not the purchase order has begun the process of receiving.
  • Tags: Custom tags can be created and added to purchase orders. Tags can be labeled however you choose, and can be used for various organization needs. To add tags to a purchase order, toggle the checkbox on the purchase order's row and toggle the desired tag in the Tags menu.
  • Created: The date and time that the purchase order was created.
  • Creator: The user account that created the purchase order.
  • # units: The total number of items that have been added to the purchase order.
  • Total: The total value of the purchase order based on the items being ordered and their submitted wholesale prices.
  • Dropshipped: This indicates whether or not this purchase order has been dropshipped. Dropshipped purchase orders are created through an order's Purchase Orders panel.
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