SKULabs transmits electronically the information for your package through the UPS On Line Tools system generating labels with the "package and bow-tie" which means the labels are pre-scanned and pre-paid. Labels which are pre-scanned and pre-paid do not need to be scanned by the driver.

If your driver wants you to provide an End of Day form, or your UPS rep wants to review your PLD file, just let them know that SKULabs uses a Certified UPS Partner and sends this information directly to UPS using their API.

When packages are processed using the OnLine Tools system, an “End of Day” report is not required and UPS drivers do not need to scan each package. In fact it is impossible to generate an end of day report when using UPS OnLine Tools.

At any point in time you are able to generate an accurate list of all packages you shipped on a given day using your shipment exports.

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