SKULabs works as your master of inventory once you opt in to inventory sync. This means inventory changes need to be made in SKULabs in order to be reflected on your sales channel including the deduction of orders.

New Listings / New Stores
When you first connect a store or add a new listing to a store, we first import the last reported inventory count for your convenience. It is recommended you regularly monitor for new products and ensure you have the correct inventory recorded in SKULabs after import.

New Orders
When an order comes in, SKULabs will temporarily hold a reserve for inventory on this order. You must make a deduction on the order before it no longer appears in sync. You can enable scan-based deduction to scan the orders out then ship in outside software. You can leave SKULabs configured for shipment based deduction, connect your shipping providers, then ship in SKULabs to deduct. Alternatively, you can connect ShipStation or use an automation to trigger your shipped orders to automatically deduct on their own.

Cycle Counts / Purchase Orders / Inventory Adjustments
After you start using SKULabs you will need to make all inventory changes on SKULabs. Changes made directly on your store will be overwritten the next time inventory changes for a product. We have a suite of tools to make receiving, re-ordering, counting, and other adjustments fast, accurate, and efficient.

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