What is Stock Sync?

Stock Sync is an outbound only information transfer process. It is used to push the stock levels of items shown within SKULabs out to the listings on your external sales channels. When a Stock Sync is run, the current quantities of items shown within SKULabs will be used to update and overwrite any quantities shown on your external sales channels listings.

This is a powerful feature that enables SKULabs to function as a Master of Inventory, giving users the ability to update and overwrite stock quantities of items across multiple listings all from a single place.

Important Note: By design, any changes to stock quantities made outside of SKULabs will be overwritten when Stock Sync is run. Manually running a Stock Sync can take longer than incremental auto-synchronizing if you have a large catalog of SKUs.

How to configure and enable Stock Sync

Before enabling Stock Sync, first ensure that stock quantities for your items in SKULabs accurately reflect the physical inventory available in your warehouses by counting your warehouse inventory. Skipping this step can result in stock quantity discrepancies between your warehouses and your sales channels.

Stock Sync can be enabled, disabled, and customized by navigating to Settings > Inventory > Stock Sync.

Use the edit icon on the right side of the table for a store's row to open its Stock Sync Settings modal.

Linked Warehouses

Warehouse links control which SKULabs warehouses are connected to each of your locations. Products in these locations will use the combined stock quantities from whichever SKULabs warehouses you designate as linked.

If you have multiple SKULabs warehouses, select which warehouses you want to include when pushing stock quantities to each location of this store.

For Example: "Warehouse A" holds a quantity of 55 purple spoons available. "Warehouse B" holds a quantity of 33 purple spoons available. Selecting these two warehouses to be linked to location "USA Shopify" will show a stock quantity of 88 for any purple spoon listings on that location in your external store.

Stock Rules

Stock rules are formulas used to calculate the "available" inventory SKULabs sends to your sales channel. Stock rules can be configured per store as well as per listing. "Free" is the default stock rule, but you can view our article on how to update stock rules for more advanced configurations.

Enable Stock Sync

After you've selected linked warehouses and entered the stock rule, toggle the Stock sync enabled switch. You can also enable the Re-push stale stock option if it is not already enabled to sync stock for SKUs with unchanged (stale) stock. The Restrict picking to linked warehouses option designates that any orders from this store can only be fulfilled with stock picked from the specified linked warehouses.

Click Save when you're done.

Congratulations! Now that you've successfully enabled stock sync, you can run your first stock sync from your dashboard.

How to enable automatic stock syncing

Stock sync can also be set to automatically occur periodically using auto-sync. If auto-sync is enabled, stock sync will update and overwrite the quantities shown on your sales channels whenever an item or kit's stock changes within SKULabs.

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