What is Stock Sync?

Stock Sync is an opt-in feature which allows SKULabs to act as your master of inventory. When enabled, SKULabs will overwrite the stock quantities on your sales channels using the counts shown in your SKULabs warehouses. This is strictly an outbound only sync from SKULabs to your channels. SKULabs will ignore and overwrite any stock changes made directly on the sales channel itself.

How to enable Stock Sync

Requirements for Stock Sync:

To prevent overselling/underselling, stock sync can only be enabled with approval from our team. Review and approval from our team is the very first step. Just reach out to us in chat to get started.

  • All sales channels and carriers have been connected.
  • All catalog items and/or kits have been correctly created and linked to their correct listings.
  • All items in your SKULabs catalog have accurate stock counts within SKULabs.
  • A method of deducting stock within SKULabs for orders that are shipped is determined and communicated with everyone on your team.
  • A process for periodically conducting cycle counts has been implemented.

How to Configure Stock Sync settings

Stock Sync settings can be enabled, disabled, and customized from Settings > Inventory > Stock Sync

Use the edit icon on the right side of the table for a store's row to open its Stock Sync Settings.

Linked Warehouses

Linked warehouses add their stock quantities together when pushing stock to your listings on that store.

e.g. "Main Warehouse" has 55 purple spoons. "Overstock Warehouse" has 33 purple spoons. Linking both warehouses to the store "USA Shopify" will push a quantity of 88 for purple spoon listings from that store.

POS Warehouses

To ensure auto-deduction for POS orders takes place correctly, POS locations and storefronts must only be linked to a single location.

Stock Rules

Stock rules determine the quantity to push to listings on your sales channel. The default stock rule "Free" is calculated as the quantity you have on hand minus reserves. Stock rules can be configured per store as well as per listing.

Enable Stock Sync

Re-push stale stock periodically pushes stock quantities to listings, even if their quantities have not changed recently. This option helps prevent discrepancies from any accidental stock changes made directly on the channel.

Restrict picking to linked warehouses option restricts orders from this store to only allow picking from the warehouses linked to it. This helps prevent pickers from accidentally deducting stock from incorrect locations.

How to enable automatic stock syncing

By default, stock sync automatically updates stock quantities incrementally each time inventory changes occur.

Stock sync can also be set to automatically occur periodically using auto-sync. If auto-sync is enabled, stock sync will update and overwrite the quantities shown on your sales channels whenever an item or kit's stock changes within SKULabs.

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