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FedEx Ground, FedEx Express are no longer being used to fulfulfill Amazon FBA orders.

What does this mean for Amazon Merchant Fulfillment / SKULabs sellers?

Initially, based on the timing of the press release we believed there may be a policy change going into effect at Amazon with regards to your direct access to FedEx. It appears now this was a temporary service outage for FedEx when rates and labels were being purchased through Amazon.

I'm still not seeing FedEx rates, or I'm having issues using Amazon BuyShipping to get FedEx labels.
Please contact support with an order number for us to help diagnose the issue further and see if you're still affected by any issues.

Past Updates

Update: As of Thursday August the 8th, we're still seeing inconsistent results with regard to the FedEx API through Amazon BuyShipping. If you continue to experience issues, please let us know. We expect these issues to be resolved on Amazon's end by end of week, but this is pure speculation. Based on a report of FedEx Ground still continuing to be made available to Amazon Marketplace sellers as late as this week, we're convinced this was simply a temporary outage causing FedEx to show under "TemporarilyUnavailableCarrier" when fetching rates for Amazon orders.

UPDATE: As of Wednesday the 7th, FedEx has announced they are ending their relationship with Amazon for delivery of Amazon orders. This is a continuation of their ending of support for FedEx Express through Amazon. This change is expected to take effect as of the end of August but we're seeing changes to the API as of August 6th which [may be] influencing your capability to use FedEx through Amazon's BuyShipping program.

We recommend enabling your UPS and USPS accounts in Amazon and making sure you have all applicable "enabled methods" configured in SKULabs to enable SKULabs to choose the cheapest rates from the rates Amazon makes available to you.

Update: Tuesday August 6th
The Amazon BuyShipping API is experiencing issues with FedEx rates and label generation as of this morning. No information has been provided by Amazon relating to these intermittent issues.

Reports include:

  1. Not seeing FedEx rates from Amazon.
  2. When attempting to ship using method presets in the drop down receiving "InvalidRequest" from Amazon.
  3. Intermittent success with getting shipping labels for FedEx
  4. Capability to see rates and retrieve labels from within SellerCentral but not through the BuyShipping API (and SKULabs).

Based on our experience this could last a day or longer,and once resolved may revert back while Amazon works on corrections. The last major FedEx issue with Amazon BuyShipping took days to resolve. During that outage, our team was able to come up with workarounds for the varying shapes and sizes of FedEx labels Amazon was sending. In this case, there are no potential workarounds for SKULabs to perform on your behalf.

Our recommendation is to contact Amazon ASAP regarding FedEx being a "TemporarilyUnavailableCarrier" in the BuyShipping API.

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