Support during Hurricane Dorian
Updated over a week ago

As you may know, Hurricane Dorian is expected to impact the Florida coastal region, possibly near where the SKULabs office is located. To ensure the safety of our team, we will be out of the office from Saturday (Aug 31) until after the following Tuesday (Sep 03), if not later.

We will remain closed until the storm has passed and it becomes safe to return to the office. In the meantime, the SKULabs site and services will remain in operation since they are hosted in other parts of the country. However, our ability to respond to support inquiries will be extremely limited. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you are in the southern US, especially near the coast, please stay safe during the storm. For official weather advisories, visit the National Hurricane Center website at

Server + System availability

SKULabs is hosted in multiple data centers around the United States, with the core of our services primarily in Virginia. All servers are configured with redundancy and automatically replaced at the first sign of trouble. Our database is securely replicated for real-time recovery and can go live on a duplicate instance within seconds of a failure. The databases are further replicated to a highly reputable third party, which stores these backups instantly in over 6 locations around the world. Both the transit and storage of data are fully encrypted.

Even in the unlikely event of a complete loss of the entire SKULabs infrastructure, we are able to recover within hours barring the other major impacts the world would face during such an event. This recovery and replication scheme ensures you'll access the same platform you saw seconds before it went down, minimizing the loss of transactions to prevent double-shipping, ensure properly deducted serial numbers, and maintain accurate inventory.

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