If you continue to have issues with printing, access to SKULabs, or label generation we recommend updating your computer's DNS settings if you're able to do so. Instructions can be found at

We've implemented mitigations for the issues encountered within SKULabs, and we're prepared to take further steps in the event the intermittent issues persist or escalate.

Update 4:31PM ET:
Amazon has issued an update:
> We are investigating reports of occasional DNS resolution errors. The AWS DNS servers are currently under a DDoS attack.
> Our DDoS mitigations are absorbing the vast majority of this traffic, but these mitigations are also flagging some legitimate customer queries at this time.
> We are actively working on additional mitigations, as well as tracking down the source of the attack to shut it down.

Update 3:31pm ET:
Amazon is reporting intermittent DNS resolution issues which are impacting printing intermittently. Our internal services, cloud print, and the SKULabs Print & Scale server may be affected by these issues and may interrupt printing or label generation as our partners too use AWS for label storage and transmission.

Update 12:04pm ET:
DNS issues continue to affect access to SKULabs and printing intermittently. If you are having issues with your DNS provider, you may be able to try temporarily changing DNS providers using the instructions found here:

Update 9:09am ET:
Certain customers are unable to access SKULabs due to DNS resolution issues. Initial advice is to check your router's DNS configuration.

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