BigCommerce option sets are used to apply options (or groups of options) to your products. They can be a product attribute, such as a customer-selected size or the color of the product. BigCommerce allows creating two types of option sets -- "optional" and "required".

Optional vs Required Option Sets

Required option sets are product attributes that make a unique physical inventory item. For example, a small T-shirt is not interchangeable from a medium T-shirt, even if the shirts are otherwise identical. These must have separate SKUs in your inventory, and the option set for the size selection must be required.

Note that a single product can have multiple attributes and many of those attributes can be made up of required option sets. Just as a T-shirt's size makes for unique inventory, so too does color and/or design.

Optional option sets are attributes that don't affect the uniqueness of the selected inventory. They are often used for customization, such as made-to-order writing or designs on a T-shirt. A customer might select a medium, blue T-shirt (with two required options) and choose to have it plain, or with only writing, only graphics or both writing and graphics (one more optional option).

How SKULabs imports product option sets

SKULabs imports optional option set information as order line item metadata. Optional option sets' display names must be listed under "Customization Option Names" in your store's "Access credentials & integration settings" panel to ensure that order line items are imported with the correct metadata information.

To provide Customization Option Names, select a store from your Store Settings page to gain access to that store's settings, then open the "Access credentials & integration settings" panel:

Please contact SKULabs support if you have additional questions.

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