Certain legacy implementations of SKULabs may have allowed you to use your own Amazon credentials to access your Amazon orders. All current customers must connect their Amazon store through the SKULabs developer ID. Check the Add Amazon Store page for the latest instructions.

You may have received repeated warnings from Amazon about their intent to remove your access to PII leading up to this loss of address information on your orders.

The fix is easy enough, you'll just want to gather your new Amazon credentials through our developer ID and plug them in under your existing Amazon store's settings.

  1. Go to the Manage your apps page in Seller Central and log into your Amazon seller account as the primary user.
  2. Click the Authorize new developer button and follow the authorization workflow.
  3. For the US/CA/M/BR use the Developer ID "0843-0555-4555". The EU/UK/IN/ developer ID is "492359412835". The AU/SG/JP developer ID is "326471356746". The developer name in all cases is "SKULabs".
  4. Follow the prompts on the page, then copy the Seller ID and the MWS Auth Token you receive at the end of the process and fill those in here.
  5. Important: Make sure to visit Settings then Shipping Carriers to add this Amazon store as a shipping integration.
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