4/19/2020 Resolved, the auto-sync message queue has been replaced and upgraded to maintain the high reliability required to guarantee prompt order import and inventory updates.

1:34AM EST 4/18/2020: Partially Resolved. You may observe intermittent delays or sync job errors.

11:11PM EST: our engineers have set live a solution to the sync interruption issue. This solution requires changes to the rendering of the sync status table, which is temporarily not visible.

8:07PM EST: Our engineers have identified they underlying cause of the service interruption and started working on solution.

8:03PM EST: Sync service interruption was first observed

Sync service interruption is delaying importing of orders and stock sync.

How can I confirm if I'm affected

Navigate to Dashboard and observe the the components under the Sync Status table. Affected stores and sync services will be highlighted in yellow or red.

What should I do?

Our engineers are actively investigating this issue to restore service to normal as soon as possible. Most stores are able to sync within 30 minutes. We will provide updates as we make relevant progress.

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