This article has been retired. For further updates on current incidents at SKULabs, please refer to our status page.


Our team is working around the clock to stay on top of solutions to these issues...

🔴 Open - Walmart - Orders API outage
🔴 Re-opened - Amazon - Delays in fetching rates or labels [Updated]
🔴 Open - SKULabs - Delayed support responsiveness
🔴 Open - USPS - Multiple Covid-19 service disruptions

We've seen major outages across the web two of which directly impacted the overall availability of SKULabs, several more of which impacted individual providers your operations may depend on. The best in the industry have not been spared by what we assume are work-from-home-related and increased-demand outages at Amazon, Intercom, GitHub, Shopify, and even FedEx.

🟢 Resolved - PrintNode - Data center outage
🟢 Resolved - Search - Search service degradation
🟢 Resolved - Australia Post - API outage - starting 6:48 PM May 14th EST

🟢 Resolved - Postmark - Delays in sending email notifications - mark as shipped email notifications may take 30+ seconds intermittently.
🟢 Resolved - Amazon Buy Shipping - "Service experiencing minimal errors"
🟢 Resolved - FedEx - FedEx International outage
🟢 Resolved - PrintNode - Delays / failed prints / lost prints
🟢 Resolved - EasyPost - Manifest generation significantly delayed
🟢 Resolved - SKULabs - Sync Delays
🟢 Resolved - Intercom - In-app chat, help center, and email support outage
🟢 Resolved - SKULabs - Service instability 4-6pm ET 21-April-2020

This notice will stay live until regular individual service updates suffice once again as per usual.

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