April 30th: This now appears to be fully resolved.
9:37AM EST: First report on major FedEx International API service degradation that is causing slowdown and errors.

FedEx API is experiencing intermittent delay and failure for rating and creating labels for international shipments

How can I confirm if I'm affected?
You will know that you are affected if fetching rates is taking longer than usual for FedEx international shipments and ends in error that says "FedEx Failure: General Failure."

What should I do?
We are actively monitoring this issue and will update this Status Update Article as we obtain new information from FedEx, so check this article periodically. In addition, since the issue is intermittent, we recommend retrying periodically.

Any time more than 1% of requests are failing for FedEx at https://www.easypoststatus.com/ this is a sign there is a major rating/shipping outage with FedEx. Most requests are for tracking status updates and hide shipping/rating problems which is why 1% is a good threshold for major issues.

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