Handling time (fulfillment latency) is the time between when an order is placed and shipped. Amazon uses handling time as part of the delivery time calculation to inform shoppers the expected delivery time on a listing offer and checkout page.

Amazon's default handling time is 1 to 2 days. And, unless handling time is provided when pushing stock, Amazon's MWS API automatically resets listing offer's handling time to the default handling time.

SKULabs allows you to prevent Amazon from resetting handling time of listing offers by pushing handling time and stock together. To include handling time when pushing stock, set the "Latency" values of an item or kit to the number of days it takes to process and fulfill the item or kit.

To update item/kit's Latency, simply open the item/kit, click Edit, enter desired value for Latency and Save.

If you're would like to update multiple items/kits in bulk using CSV, use:

Pushing Lag Time to Walmart is currently not supported. Contact SKULabs support if you're looking to push Lag Time for Walmart listings.

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