By default, SKULabs automatically submits mark as shipped (MAS) notifications for an order when a shipping label is created for that order within SKULabs.

You can configure each store's mark as shipped setting from the Shipping default and settings panel from the store's settings page.

If you notice an order you have created a shipment for has not automatically been marked as shipped, you can manually submit MAS notifications in a few ways:

How to identify which orders have not been marked as shipped

1. From the Shipped orders tab, use the Columns button to display both the Channel Status and Marked Shipped columns.

2. Filter orders by the desired date range. Then, look under the Channel Status column for orders with "Unshipped" status and a cancelled icon under the Marked Shipped column.

How to mark as shipped for multiple orders at once

To mark multiple orders as shipped in bulk, navigate to the Processing or Shipped orders tabs and select the orders, then click on Actions and Bulk mark as shipped.

How to mark a single order as shipped

Open the order, then click on Menu and select Mark as shipped.

Tip: Creating a manual shipment for an order will also submit an MAS notification to your sales channels. This is helpful if you create shipments outside of SKULabs.

How to import shipped orders and update order status in SKULabs

Orders Sync automatically updates the channel status of orders in SKULabs. You can control importing shipped orders statuses in each store's Integration settings.

Integration settings will vary by channel type. For instance, shipped orders from Walmart and BigCommerce are imported by default, while other channels need to be enabled to import shipped orders as follows:


Enable importing shipped orders for Shopify store by activating Import cancelled and shipped orders.


To enable importing shipped orders for Amazon store, enter the value 1 in the Shipped Order History Days field under your store's integration settings.

This will import shipped orders from Amazon that are 1 day old and update the channel status of any Amazon orders in SKULabs. This will allow you to easily tell if Amazon successfully received the MAS request SKULabs submits for an order and also whether Amazon has changed the status of the orders to shipped.


Enable importing shipped orders for Ebay by activating Do not archive orders and import incomplete/unpaid/shipped orders.

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