What is VerifyMyAge?

VerifyMyAge is a third-party age verification service that integrates with Shopify and Ebay and will integrate with Magento and WooCommerce in the near future.

How does VerifyMyAge work?

VerifyMyAge assigns tags customer order for Shopify and adds Private Notes for Ebay orders.

How can I use VerifyMyAge with SKULabs?

SKULabs automatically imports Shopify order tags. Simply enable importing order tags for your store and you're good to go.

However, importing Ebay Private Notes is currently not supported and is expected to be supported as part of the next Ebay API upgrade. In the meantime, the VerifyMyAge team has developed API integration with SKULabs where they tag your Ebay orders in SKULabs. They may require custom development fee for their service. For more information, contact SKULabs support.

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