EasyPost requires adding payment method(s) to your account to be able to create shipments via EasyPost.

EasyPost provides credit card and bank account (ACH) as payment method options. While credit cards are subject to 3% credit card processing fee, there is NO payment processing fees for use the bank account payment method.

EasyPost allows you to connect multiple payment methods enabling you to set up a primary and secondary (backup) payment methods. It is recommended to set up a backup payment method to prevent shipping interruptions just in case the primary payment method stops working for some reason. This allows for uninterrupted shipping until the primary payment method resumes working.

SKULabs recommends adding a bank account as a primary payment method to save on credit card fees and connecting a credit card as a secondary payment option.

Postage fee

EasyPost only bills for USPS postage fee. EasyPost does NOT directly bill postage fee for non-USPS shipments. Non-USPS shipments are billed directly to the carrier account you've connected to EasyPost such as your own FedEx or UPS account.

For information regarding how to add funds to your EasyPost account, please contact [email protected] or review EasyPost's FAQ.

Label fee

EasyPost accounts created through SKULabs referral are NOT subject to label fees from EasyPost. For this reason, it's highly important to create your EasyPost account by using the referral links SKULabs provides.

Address validation fee

SKULabs provides free address validation for US addresses through other services. Addresses validated via EasyPost are subject to address verification fee from EasyPost.

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