Many spreadsheet programs, including Excel or google sheets, have a limit for handling large numbers, referred to as digits of precision or number precision. In Excel, this limit is 15 digits. Values beyond this certain number of digits may be rounded or even shown in scientific notation.

This can be problematic when working with numbers that are commonly longer than 15 digits such as SKUs, barcodes, or even tracking numbers.

Read more on Excel's technical specifications and limits here.

Unfortunately, the "Format Cells" function within Excel is not enough to convert these numbers properly, but you can resolve this by simply importing these values in a different format altogether.

Import data into Excel using the Text Import Wizard

Rather than opening the CSV file directly, use Excel's import options:

  1. Open a new blank worksheet within Excel

  2. Select "Import" from the File menu

  3. Select "CSV" file and click Import

  4. Select the raw CSV file downloaded from SKULabs

Excel's Text Import Wizard will open.

  1. Select Delimited and click next.

  2. Select Comma and click next

  3. Select the column "Tracking Number", then select "Text" or "General" at top.

  4. Click Finish.

    The spreadsheet will open and tracking numbers will show as full values and no longer in rounded or scientific notation.

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