If your Shopify listings do not appear to be syncing stock to Shopify, or your sync reports show error logs indicating:

This item is not connected to location XYZ. SKULabs can optionally connect items to locations in Shopify. See your store settings in SKULabs under integration options."


Error: This item does not manage inventory at location XYZ please see https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/products/inventory/track_inventory#set-up-inventory-tracking

the most common cause is that either inventory tracking must be enabled in Shopify on your product or that you have not yet run a listing sync after assigning your product's inventory to another location on your channel.

How to correct:

Start by simply running a listing sync for the store. After listings sync runs, allow some time for stock sync to run, then check if stock is now successfully being pushed for the affected SKUs.

Listing's require up-to-date information about the locations they are assigned to on Shopify for real time stock sync pushes to be accepted by Shopify successfully.

It is always recommended to run a new listing sync after making any changes to products on your sales channels, including if you've updated or recently changed the locations where products/variants are assigned on Shopify.

You can automate running listing syncs periodically from your Settings > Advanced > Scheduled Automations.

You can also optionally enable the option to Allow SKULabs control of Shopify product location assignment in your store's integration settings. When stock sync attempts to push stock to a linked Shopify location, the product will be assigned there.

Kits are not pushing stock quantities to a Shopify location

All component items of a kit require having sufficient stock assigned in the SKULabs warehouse(s) linked to a Shopify location to successfully push quantities.

If one or more of the component items of a kit are out of stock or not assigned across a location's linked warehouses, the kit will be considered out of stock.

You can assign, swap, or reconcile stock from within an item's details, or use transfer orders to ensure component items are assigned to the linked warehouse.

If this does not resolve the issue, please reach out to support in chat with the SKU of the product and screenshots of the product's details page including inventory levels on Shopify.

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