error Your amazon account may not be active. Please check Settings Account Info to confirm or contact Seller Central support. Error: Feed rejected InvalidMarketplace

This is a generic error message provided by Amazon indicating that they are rejecting sync feeds for your store.

One cause is a billing issue inside Seller Central. You may encounter this error if the Amazon seller account is currently deactivated and/or the account's charge method needs to be updated.

First, we recommend reaching out to seller central support to find out if there are any holds on the account or ways to avoid this in the future then continuing with the steps below:

Within Seller Central, go to Settings > Account Info, and check to see if you're account is "Active". If not, the Amazon seller account can be reactivated as a self-service operation via seller central by following these steps:

  1. Go to your seller central and click on Settings > Account Info > Charge Method

  2. Update your credit card information

  3. Repeat for each Amazon marketplace you may sell on

Note: Amazon may require additional actions before the seller account is reactivated, for example, you may receive a notification requesting to verify the Amazon seller account point of contact's identity to re-activate the account. Be on the look out for any communications from Amazon via email and/or Seller Central notification with more information.

Note: This change can still take up to 48 hours for Amazon's internal systems to update and restore access to submitting inventory feeds.

Once you have completed all actions required by Amazon, check that your Amazon stores are active and are enabled to auto-synchronize in SKULabs, then monitor how all syncing and mark as shipped notifications are working.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact SKULabs support.

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