Auto-deduct enables an order that has been shipped outside of SKULabs to be marked as shipped and include a deduction of the ordered items in SKULabs.

To start using this feature, configure the existing auto-deduct shipping rule setup by default or create a new one.

Setup Auto-Deduct shipping rule

  • Enable the "active" slider to activate the rule

  • Set the channel status value to the sales channel fulfilled status name.
    (e.g. Shopify: shipped, WooCommerce: completed, BigCommerce: fulfilled)

  • Edit the date to specify the start date the auto-deduct rule should apply to orders.

    • Date must be configured by your time zone saved in your Local settings. Use DenCode to format the date properly

  • Click Save

The final step is reach out to our team to review the rule and make sure that all needed details are configured.

If you need further assistance, please reach out to support through the in-app conversation system.

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