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Why doesn't my Mettler Toledo scale read package weights in SKULabs?
Why doesn't my Mettler Toledo scale read package weights in SKULabs?

Switching scales to the correct mode

Updated over a week ago

The SKULabs print & scale client is compatible with a long list of many HID-USB devices and scales. If your device is not shown as supported, reach out to SKULabs in chat for help or email [email protected].

However, as long as your scale is in the correct output mode, the "Scales" tab should be able to show the scale and the readout. If you are not seeing any weights appearing, your device many be in an unsupported or unreadable mode, check your device's manual for model specific instructions about HIDPOS, POS, HID, or other similar "basic" type modes.

HIDPOS is a standard Microsoft Human Interface Device protocol for Point-of-Sale equipment which includes a scale. If the software on the PC is programmed for HIDPOS, the connection is “Plug and Play” and no additional drivers are needed since in this case, the scale operates as a USB peripheral to the PC.

How to switch your Mettler Toledo scale's output mode and retry reading weights

  1. On your scales physical screen, go to Home > Setup > Communication > USB screen.

  2. Scroll to HIDPOS and press ENTER. To exit the page, press ENTER again to go back to the USB screen, or press the UP arrow and select the desired page and press ENTER.

  3. Log out of the PrintNode Client and sign back in.

Applies to scale models:


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