Amazon is deprecating the legacy MWS API and replacing it with the new SP-API. The new API provides added security and improves the overall seller and developer experience. As a result, SKULabs has upgraded its Amazon integration and added support for the latest version of the new Amazon SP-API.

Effective 08/01/2022, all Amazon stores connected to SKULabs require reauthorization to take advantage of the new SP-API features and avoid service interruptions when Amazon retires the MWS API.

Follow these steps to reauthorize your Amazon store/s:

  • Navigate to SKULabs Dashboard and open the Amazon store you would like to reauthorize.

  • Find the Access Credentials & Integration Settings section.

  • Click Authorize SKULabs and follow the prompts.

Note: You will know that you have completed the reauthorization process successfully when Amazon redirects you back to your SKULabs store afterwards.

If you require any assistance during and/or after reauthorizing your Amazon stores, please contact SKULabs support.

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