The Boxes tab allows you to manage the names and locations for the different box sizes in your warehouse.

Available Actions

A number of actions can be performed on this tab, including:

  • Add box: This allows you to quickly add a new box with its own nickname, location, dimensions, and optional weight.

  • Edit box: Each box row has an Edit button, which allows you to edit the box's settings, such as its dimensions and location.

  • Delete box: Each warehouse row has a Delete button, which allows you to remove that box and its settings from the boxes table.

  • Search: This allows you to search for boxes by their nickname, dimensions, and more.

Boxes Table

Your boxes are laid out in a table. This table can be sorted by any of its columns. The columns available include:

  • Nickname: A unique name given to the box for identification purposes.

  • Location: A unique location that helps indicate to packers where the box is kept.

  • Dimensions: The length, width, and height of the box when it is assembled.

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