The remote store listings csv/json file can be used to import products in association to a store that is unsupported natively by SKULabs. The following fields can be use in the remote store listings import.

Active - Is this listing active?
Name - Name of the product
SKU - SKU for the product
Barcode - Barcode/UPC/ISBN/etc for the product.
Weight - A numeric value representing the weight of the product.
weight_unit - oz/lb/g/kg
Length - Numeric length
Width - Numeric width
Height - Numeric height
dimensions_unit - cm/m/in/ft
Cost - Numeric cost of the product to acquire
Retail - Retail price of product
on_hand - Your current available on hand quantity
alert - The level of on hand under which this item will show up in the low inventory report.
Location - Name of the location this product should be assigned.
Image - URL to an image for this product

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