SKULabs offers two main methods of deducting stock while processing orders in SKULabs. These methods eliminate the need to manually adjust inventory stock quantities in addition to already picking, packing and shipping orders.

Per-shipment Stock Deduction (default)

Deduct inventory when you create a shipment on an order within SKULabs. Simply connect your shipping carriers and create a shipment for an order within SKULabs to deduct the items included on the shipment.

Tip: If you create shipping labels outside of SKULabs, but still want to process orders within, simply add a Manual Shipment to an order to ensure the order is deducted from inventory correctly.

Per-scan Stock Deduction

Deduct inventory as you scan verify an item during the picking and/or packing step of processing your orders. This method allows for deduction even when shipping outside of SKULabs.

Other methods of deduction

If you do not create shipments or scan deduct order items within in SKULabs, there are a few other deduction methods available to use:

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