SKULabs offers two types of seamless stock deduction mechanisms as you process orders in SKULabs. These seamless deduction mechanisms eliminate manually adjusting stock as you pick, pack and ship orders.

Per-shipment Stock Deduction
Per-shipment stock deduction decrements inventory as you create a shipment for orders. This deduction mechanism is enabled by default and you can leave SKULabs configured for shipment based deduction, connect your shipping providers, then ship in SKULabs to deduct. This mechanism requires creating shipments in SKULabs.

Per-scan Stock Deduction
Per-scan stock deduction allows you to decrement inventory as you scan verify items during the picking and packing step of processing orders. This requires scan verifying orders in SKULabs.

Other Methods of Deduction
If you don't scan order items or ship within in SKULabs, there are other deduction mechanisms you could use:

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