Yes, SKULabs supports nearly all 2D barcode formats.

2D barcodes are highly encouraged because there is minimal-to-no chance that a 2D barcode like a QR code can be misread while a 1D barcode is easily misread due to subtle printing issues, fingerprints on the scanning window, and other issues undetectable by the human eye. Meanwhile a QR code will either read or not because it's commonly embedded with recovery data and checksums that guarantee the correct data was read.

In advanced / rare cases, you may encounter data-carrying QR codes. Test this by scanning your 2D Barcode into a text editor. If you see data like {"barcode":"XYZ","source":"ABC","origin":"US"} you are probably using data-carrying barcodes and would need to contact SKULabs support if the non-barcode data is expected to change between products e.g. expiration dates, serial numbers, or batch numbers.

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