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What mobile devices does SKULabs support?
What mobile devices does SKULabs support?

iPad, iOS, Android versions supported by SKULabs.

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SKULabs works on most devices made 2016 or later.
​Desktop / Laptop / Chromebook / Mac / etc
Preferred: Google Chrome or Safari.
Supported: The latest version of Edge / FireFox / Chrome / Safari. SKULabs no longer supports any version of Internet Explorer which was last released in 2013.
Most android devices with the latest version of Chrome are supported. Preferred devices should have Android 8 Oreo or later.

All-in-one Android Scanners

Specifically not recommended! Most all-in-one scanners run out-of-date versions of android, restrict which apps you can install, implement non-standards-based scanning functionality, implement custom firmware/SDKs, or prevent scanners from working as they do on all standard android devices. You're getting an out of date product for a higher overall price when attachable case scanners or flat attachable scanners exist and provide a much higher level of durability and reliability.

Microsoft Surface

Most surface tablets are compatible with SKULabs.


SKULabs requires iOS 11 and is compatible with all Apple supported devices. Apple supports devices for 7 years.

SKULabs is compatible with all iPad Pro, all iPad Air, iPad Mini 2 or later, iPad Gen 5 or later, iPhone 5S or later, iPhone SE, iPod Touch 6th Gen or later.

SKULabs requires at least iOS 11 making SKULabs specifically incompatible with iPad 1st Gen, iPad 2, iPad 3rd Gen, iPad 4th Gen, iPad Mini 1st Gen, and the full range of iPhones/iPods prior to iPhone 5S. All of these devices are typically older than 7 years.

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