To resolve this "Unauthorized Error", reach out to your DPD account representative to verify:

  1. You are using the correct credentials.
  2. Your credentials are enabled for EasyPost API usage.
  3. Which type of DPD account you have:
  • A "DPD UK" account
  • A "DPD Local" account, a subsidiary of DPD UK, originally known as "Interlink Express" before it was taken over and renamed by DPD.

The two are not the same, and your DPD account representative should be able to answer specifically which one you have.

If you are using a DPD Local account, connect the account to EasyPost using "Interlink Express" as the carrier on your EasyPost Carriers Account Page.

If the error persists after you've made sure the credentials are accurate, and have connected your account using the correct carrier on EasyPost, request assistance from EasyPost by contacting them at [email protected].

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