This article outlines the steps for locating the CouriersPlease production API credentials, connecting CouriersPlease to EasyPost, and at last connecting CouriersPlease to SKULabs.

1, Ensure that you have access to CouriersPlease API Developer Portal. If you don't already have access to CouriersPlease API Developer Portal, here is where you can request access from CouriersPlease.

2, Find the Account Number the production API Authorization Token on the CouriersPlease API Developer Portal. 

3, To provide the credentials to EasyPost, navigate to EasyPost Carrier Accounts page and search for and click on CouriersPlease under the Add Carrier Accounts list.

4, This will open up a window. Enter and save Account Number and Authorization Token (Password) under Production Credentials section.

5, Once you've added CouriersPlease to EasyPost, you will now need to connect it to SKULabs. Navigate to the connect EasyPost carrier page on SKULabs.

6, Find and enter the EasyPost "Production API Key" onto the form.

7, Click the refresh icon next to the carrier account list, then choose a carrier account to connect to SKULabs.

8, Remember to click "Save" to complete the process!

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