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Can SKULabs install my rate card for a carrier I've connected by EasyPost?
Can SKULabs install my rate card for a carrier I've connected by EasyPost?
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You can bring your rates with you to SKULabs. When it comes to installing a rate card, SKULabs does not have the operational software to install and track your rate card updates. This is something normally handled by the carrier integrator (EasyPost) or offered by the carrier themselves from a live rating API. Not all carriers have rating formulas or live rate APIs that are able to be imported to EasyPost.

If you need your rate card installed, follow these steps.

1. Contact EasyPost and ask if they can install a rate card for your carrier. You may need to liaison between your carrier's team and EasyPost. It can take in the worst case weeks to turn this around if your carrier is unfamiliar with how to format their rates files or sends incorrect rates files repeatedly.

2. If EasyPost is unable to install your rate card, provide a ticket number from EasyPost to SKULabs and a snippet of the reply from EasyPost regarding why it could not be installed. If your rate card can be substituted by a simple estimation or flat rate provided in the formats below, we may be able to help.

Option 1: Send us a JSON object in this shape for flat rate calculations where ca_# is your EasyPost carrier account object_id followed by :domestic or :international

'ca_06e04003930200292:domestic': {

express9: 12.39,

express10: 11.93,

expressAM: 9.33,

express24: 7.93,

express48: 7.32,

express24CourierPack: 6.11,

currency_code: 'GBP'


Option 2: Describe a simple formula such as $5 + $0.60 USD per pound to have installed on your rates from this carrier and provide a rate_id for us to apply the calculation to.

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