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How can I get help with shipping rates?
How can I get help with shipping rates?

How to report a shipping rate issue if rates appear incorrect or too expensive

Updated over a week ago

We're here to help with your shipping-related issues, the best way to get help with rate issues by any carrier, is by completing the exact following steps on the affected order:

1. Open the rates window
2. At bottom of the rates window, click the link to "Get help with rates"

3. Click on the affected rate you need help with:

4. After requesting support for a rate, the in-app chat will open and allow you to send the full rate information to our team.
5. Explain exactly what you expected the rate for this exact order to be. e.g. I bought this label for $X.XX on ShipStation/

We will use this information to investigate further and help resolve the issue.

For any other related shipping issues, view our troubleshooting guide:

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