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Troubleshooting Guide

This guide will help you self-resolve shipping issues.

  1. Document whether or not you've ever been able to ship with this carrier and this specific method on SKULabs before. Some carriers mandate manual whitelisting, feature flags for the methods you use, or additional setup on the carrier side after you've connected it to SKULabs. Troubleshooting can be extended well beyond a reasonable time frame if we're not made aware of your documented prior use of this method/carrier.

  2. When you ship with SKULabs, there is a predefined method dropdown and there is the "rates" button. If you preselect a method by hand or by rule, you're telling the shipping carrier you want a very specific method. Try instead clicking the "Rates" button then selecting a rate the carrier offered to you. This real-time rate selection may appear the same but will have important differences. e.g. FedEx Ground comes in many rate code names with the same display name.

  3. If you can't fetch rates, this usually means the carrier has not been setup correctly, your credentials are wrong, or there is a problem with the order address, shipment configuration (size/weight) or contents.

  4. If you can fetch rates but you still can't purchase a label, this usually means there is a problem with the order address, shipment configuration, or the carrier credentials could be invalid.

  5. If you receive an error about an address, double-check the address. Try using Google's address lookup to see if the address is reformatted when you search for it. Verify with the customer and update the address in SKULabs.

    If the address was already correct but you're getting an address-related error, try going directly to DHL / UPS / FedEx / etc to purchase the label. Each carrier has it's own regulations for how to format addresses and there may be an auto-correction their online portal performs such as using a very specific nickname for a city vs the real name.

  6. As a last resort, try purchasing the label directly from UPS / FedEx / DHL / etc. You can open up their software such as Worldship, go to their website, or otherwise find a way to retrieve a label. After you've purchased the label, return to SKULabs to register the tracking number and complete the shipment.

    If you need to purchase many labels at once, utilize our shipments import to ensure tracking reaches your sales channel automatically.

Special note about recurring shipping errors

Here at SKULabs, we want shipping to be seamless for your team. If you're aware of a shipping method, carrier, or type of order that continues to experience issues please bring this to our attention as an "recurring issue". We've worked around many carrier-specific nuances like opposing preferences on how a territory should be declared so far as country and state designations. Where we can't implement something across the board, most of the time we already have a shipping rule that you can apply in-app to automatically set certain preferences we can't decide for you. Reach out to support for help.

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