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Does SKULabs ship my orders?
Does SKULabs ship my orders?
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Thousands of brands use SKULabs software-as-a-service tool to better manage their warehouse and inventory operations.

SKULabs does not offer physical services and has no warehouse. We are not a 3PL, fulfillment warehouse, or logistics center. We are not a marketplace like eBay or Amazon and are not a shopping cart like Shopify or BigCommerce.

Does SKULabs ship any products?

No, SKULabs is a software tool like Microsoft Excel, not a 3PL or fulfillment center.

Can SKULabs help me get a replacement product?

No, you will need to contact the seller of the product.

Can I return a product to SKULabs?

No. Return the product to the return address on the label or contact the seller for return information. SKULabs does not have any physical location responsible for shipping or receiving inventory.

Can SKULabs provide contact information for a seller?

No, SKULabs does not have contact information for sellers. You can contact the shipping carrier or the seller directly for this information.

How do I report a suspicious payment or fraudulent charge?

If you see a suspicious credit card charge, you should contact your bank and file a charge back. SKULabs can't contact the seller or your bank on your behalf.

I don't recognize a shipment coming from SKULabs

SKULabs does not ship orders. If you have a tracking number, the shipping carrier may have contact information for the seller/shipper/sender once you verify you are the recipient. Contact the carrier such as UPS, USPS, or FedEx for these types of inquiries.

Can sellers use SKULabs to print shipping labels for hazardous goods or age-restricted products?

Yes, but sellers must coordinate with their shipping carrier to ensure compliance. Subscribers to SKULabs warehouse management system can contact SKULabs support for points of contact or they can contact their carrier account manager for more information.

Can sellers use SKULabs to print shipping labels for age-restricted products?

Sellers using SKULabs can enforce age-restriction using one or multiple layers of protection such as the VerifyMyAge pre-shipment verification integration, “Adult Signature Required”, automated tags to hold orders such as “Hold - Age Not Verified”, or automating all orders be tagged “Hold - Age Not Verified” during import.

But it says SKULabs on the label

As the software platform that produced the label, you may see SKULabs on the label to help sellers identify which labels were printed from our platform. SKULabs does not have a physical location that holds inventory, ships orders, or accepts returns. Please contact the seller for support.

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