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Using Amazon Shipping with SKULabs
Using Amazon Shipping with SKULabs

How to fetch SWA rates within SKULabs

Updated over a week ago

Amazon has now launched "Amazon Shipping" for general availability to Amazon Selling Partners to ship their Amazon and non-Amazon orders from your own warehouse using the Amazon Prime delivery network.​

No setup required!

With SKULabs, shipping your Amazon orders with "Amazon Shipping" works out of the box as soon as you connect your Amazon store and as always we are there to make sure you ship on-time and accurately using this new shipping option.


If your team has made any changes to the default settings, here's what you may need to check if you aren't seeing Amazon Shipping rates for your Amazon orders in SKULabs:

1. Double-check the order is not already shipped on Amazon. You can't re-ship an order using Amazon Shipping.

2. Confirm within Amazon Seller Central / Amazon Seller Support that you're activated and have a start date to begin pickups.

3. Check that your Amazon carrier is linked to your Amazon store in your carrier settings. If you don't see an Amazon carrier, click add carrier and you can select which Amazon store to link to the carrier.

4. Within the carrier settings on SKULabs, double check "Fetch Pickup Rates" is enabled - Amazon Shipping is a "pickup only" service - you can't drop off your packages to Amazon to save money.

If you are still experiencing any issues using Amazon Shipping, reach out to [email protected] or say hello in chat. SKULabs plans to roll out enhanced support for Amazon Shipping including shipping out non-Amazon orders from your warehouse using Amazon Prime trucks in early 2024.

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