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Does SKULabs support Amazon Seller-Fulfilled Prime?
Does SKULabs support Amazon Seller-Fulfilled Prime?

SKULabs has excellent support for both Amazon and Amazon Seller-Fulfilled Prime orders.

Updated over a week ago

SKULabs was born with Seller-Fulfilled Prime support. We grew up with some of the largest and most successful stores on Amazon so we have some of the best experience in the marketplace baked into SKULabs by default.

A few of the features we've picked up over the years:

  • SKULabs natively supports Amazon Buy Shipping and does not upcharge you for shipping prime orders.

  • Seller-fulfilled prime orders are automatically prioritized when shipping batches.

  • Cheapest rate selection automatically selects rates which meet your seller performance requirements. Most of our sellers are >99.8% on-time while still maximizing cost savings.

  • Orders can be easily sorted by guaranteed shipping date so you make sure you ship your orders on time.

  • We keep your FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) and FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) listings separated in stock sync unlike many competitors who still mistakenly push merchant stock to FBA listings.

  • SKULabs automatically links FBA and FBM listings together providing for a single seamless view of all of your inventory across multiple warehouses and 3PLs.

  • In-app we strongly discourage and require additional confirmation if your shipping staff attempt to ship using a method that violates seller-fulfilled prime performance requirements. You maintain the ability to ship one-off orders outside of policy for extraordinary situations.

  • SKULabs stock sync keeps your listings up to date on Amazon even during multi-channel flash sales during Black Friday, ensuring you can cross-sell with the same stock count on every channel without risking over-selling.

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