Do you have an Amazon listing SKU that is inactive and/or out-of-stock on Seller Central but there is an FBM offer currently being displayed and sold on Amazon? If so, you've come to the right place.

Is SKULabs sending the FBM offer to Amazon?

No. SKULabs does not create or activate FBM listing offers on Amazon. The two primary ways a listing is activated are either manually on Seller Central or automatically by Amazon's background systems.

Why is Amazon showing offers despite the listing being inactive or out-of-stock?

Amazon has several separate internal systems that work differently and sometimes behave unexpectedly and conflict with each other. A good example of such conflicting behavior between Amazon's systems is when a listing appears inactive and/or out-of-stock on Seller Central but Amazon is displaying the offer for sale and is allowing customers to place FBM orders.

How do I fix this?

Deactivating the listing or setting it as out-of-stock on Seller Central will not fix the problem. The problem can only be fixed by API, therefore the solution is NOT to stop stock sync. Instead, you need to take the following actions:

  1. Run a listing sync for your Amazon store(s) to ensure that SKULabs has up to date listings information.

  2. Confirm that the listing in question exists in SKULabs as FBM listing and is marked as active. Since SKULabs doesn't sync stock for FBA SKUs, contact Amazon seller support if the listing is FBA.

  3. Confirm that the listing is linked to an item or kit.

  4. Confirm that the free count for the item or kit the listing is linked to is 0. Or, the listing has a custom Stock Rule set as "0".

If you have additional questions or would like assistance, please contact SKULabs support.

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