Occasionally during the process of getting started on Amazon, you may be forced to recreate listings, convert listings to FBA or FBM, or create duplicate offers. Some of these processes result in duplicate FBA inventory on Amazon that SKULabs combines because, normally, it's a transition to a new FNSKU you're continuing to sell online.

On an item's detail's page you may find this additional inventory....

If you copy your SKU, in this case "ANYSKU" and navigate to your Inventory page > Warehouses tab and open your FBA Warehouse, you will be able to view your FBA inventory data directly from Amazon. Search the warehouse table for the SKU you copied before to find all linked FBA inventory for that SKU.

Notice that 12 units are available under one FNSKU, while 2 units are available under another. If you believe these products are different products entirely you will want to correct the problem in SKULabs by unlinking the listing and relinking it to another product. You can find the causes for this by speaking with Amazon support. Normally this inventory can be found within SellerCentral.

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