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Amazon FBA remote fulfillment with seller-fulfilled offers
Amazon FBA remote fulfillment with seller-fulfilled offers

merchant-fulfilled MFA seller offers not possible with fba remote fulfillment

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Amazon rolled out a new remote fulfillment service which allows you to ship your US-based FBA inventory to international sellers. Unfortunately, Amazon's documentation noted how this can create issues for sellers who also have merchant-fulfillment offers by preventing changing inventory levels for those offers.

In SKULabs, this may cause the following error while attempting to sync stock to seller fulfilled SKUs:

Error - An FBA offer already exists on this SKU. To create a seller fulfilled SKU, either create a new SKU or make the SwitchFulfillmentTo value MFN. (96016). Message ID: 197

Starting July 1, 2022, eligible sellers for Remote Fulfillment in Canada or Mexico (or both) will be automatically enrolled, unless they have unenrolled from the program prior to that date.

How to resolve:

  1. In SKULabs, navigate to Inventory page > Listings tab

  2. Search or filter to the listing you want to update and click on its name

  3. Find the Listing Rules panel and click on the edit button

  4. Set the "Switch fulfillment to" value to MFN and click save

Updating in bulk with CSV

This can also be updated for multiple listings in bulk by using a Listing Rules CSV on the imports/exports page.

The CSV should look something like this:


Note: This is a recommendation of last resort. See above for alternatives.

How to check if you are enrolled and unenroll

Amazon's Remote Fulfillment documentation on Seller Central provides instructions on how to review your enrollment status and unenroll from the program:

If you want to leave the program, go to the program settings, click Unenroll from Remote Fulfillment with FBA, and click Unenroll. All of your Remote Fulfillment offers for Canada and Mexico will be removed, but we will not adjust your setting preferences.

Your FBA inventory will remain for sale in the store where it’s located. No new inventory will be enabled for Remote Fulfillment unless you enroll in the program again.

If you have automatic listing creation enabled and want to stop having offers created in Canada and Mexico, you can adjust those settings through Build International Listings."

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