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How to update Amazon Handling Time (Fulfillment Latency) for Amazon and Walmart Fulfillment Lag Time
How to update Amazon Handling Time (Fulfillment Latency) for Amazon and Walmart Fulfillment Lag Time

How to update Amazon fulfillment latency when pushing stock. Walmart requires fulfillment lag time for Canada marketplace listings.

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What is handling time?

Handling time is the time between when a buyer places an order until the order is handed over to your shipping carrier.

The terminology used for handling time varies across Amazon, Walmart and SKULabs. Amazon uses the term Handling Time or Fulfillment Latency, whereas Walmart uses the term Fulfillment Lag Time, and SKULabs uses the term Latency.

Why do I need to update handling time?

Amazon and Walmart use handling time as part of the delivery promise calculation to inform shoppers the expected delivery time on a listing offer and checkout page.

Amazon's seller account level default handling time is between same-day and 2 days. And, unless handling time is provided when pushing stock, Amazon's API automatically resets listings' handling time to your Amazon seller account level default handling time.

In addition, Walmart Canada marketplace requires fulfillment lag time to be provided with each request to update stock. Walmart rejects the stock update request, if fulfillment lag time is not provided for Walmart Canada marketplace listings.

SKULabs enables you to update handling time to prevent Amazon from resetting handling time of listings and Walmart Canada marketplace from rejecting stock update requests.

How do I use SKULabs to update handling time?

SKULabs allows you to include and update handling time with each stock update request. To include handling time when pushing stock, all you need to do is set the "Latency" values of an item/kit to the number of days it takes to ship the item/kit.

To update item/kit's Latency, simply open the item/kit, click Edit, enter desired value for Latency and Save.

To update multiple items/kits in bulk using CSV, use:

Note: once an item/kit's Latency is set, the same value will be pushed to all Amazon and Walmart Canada stores that are enabled to sync stock. For that reason, please provide item/kit's Latency values that could work for all the Amazon and Walmart Canada stores. Contact SKULabs support if different Walmart Canada and Amazon stores must have different Fulfillment Lag Time.

What are the marketplaces SKULabs supports updating handling time?

SKULabs supports updating handling time for all Amazon marketplaces and Walmart Canada marketplace. Contact SKULabs support if you're looking to push fulfillment lag time for Walmart US and/or Mexico marketplaces.

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