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Amazon/Walmart - Where are my new listings? Why do I have missing listings?
Amazon/Walmart - Where are my new listings? Why do I have missing listings?

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Especially for marketplaces like Amazon or Walmart, there may be delays between when you've created new products and when they will be available for SKULabs in the generated reports. This article discusses why that happens and some actions you can take.

Walmart Troubleshooting

SKULabs imports Walmart listings that are available on Walmart's Items Report. Newly added SKUs may not immediately appear on Walmart's Items Report and may take a few hours to a few days to be available on Items Report. 

Walmart generates the Items Report periodically and recommends to not retrieve this report more frequently than once every two hours. How often the report is generated is controlled by Walmart's internal systems. Sometimes Walmart may experience internal system slowdowns that result in an increase to the interval in which the report is generated.

 Here are actions you can take:

1. Run listings sync periodically every few hours or day. You may set up automation to start listings sync by navigating to Settings > Advanced > Automation.

2. Try downloading Item Reports on Walmart and check if those SKUs are included in the report. If those listings aren't included in the report you downloaded from Walmart, contact Walmart support and inquire as to why and how it can be resolved. Please keep us posted on what you find out from them. Also ask Walmart if the Items Report generating system is experiencing delays.

Amazon Troubleshooting

New listings taking 4 - 24 hours (sometimes 48 hours) is typical for Amazon listings sync. We import a list of products that Amazon makes available on an Open Listings Report, which is generated by Amazon's internal system. For some reason, Amazon's internal system sometimes needs hours to elapse before new SKUs are made available on the report.

We have made strides to resolve this, but Amazon support wasn't helpful. Perhaps you could help us with this. The next time you add a new SKU to Amazon, generate and download an Open Listing Report on Amazon Seller Central. Then, check if the new SKU is included. If not, contact Amazon support and inquire as to why and let us know of what you find out.

Other stores troubleshooting

Make sure you've run a listings sync or enable once-daily automations for your listings to automatically be re-imported. If you still can't find your listing or product, it's best to reach out to our team with the SKU in question.

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