SKULabs automatically imports your products directly from your sales channel with "Listings Sync". You can also import new items and update existing item details in bulk using the Item Details Import on the Import/Export page.

Preparing your item details file

  1. Export your existing item details or create a CSV from scratch.

  2. Create a second copy of this file, open it to edit.

  3. Remove any columns you don't intend to update to avoid unexpected changes.

  4. Double-check there aren't any duplicate SKUs or barcodes.

  5. Make sure the value in the SKU column matches the SKU of the item you want to update in SKULabs.

Importing your updated item details CSV

Open the Import/Export page and click Item details under the Imports column.

Press the Upload CSV file button and select your updated CSV.

After your changes are complete, review any changes on your inventory tab. It may take a minute in rare cases for these changes to reach your device. You can force a reload on your device by signing out.

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