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How to update item SKUs in SKULabs from sales channel SKUs
How to update item SKUs in SKULabs from sales channel SKUs

Updating your SKULabs catalog to reflect changes made on your Sales Channel

Updated over a week ago

If you've changed SKUs or barcodes on your shopping cart or marketplace listings and would also like to update the information for the SKULabs items linked to those listings, you can do so with the following methods:

Single Items

For single items, simply go to an item's details page within SKULabs and click the orange edit button in the top right.

Changing Item SKUs In Bulk

We're here to help! We can do this on behalf if you are not comfortable using CSV files.
1. Go to the Imports and Exports page
2. Under Exports, click the "Listings and Items" button.
3. Select the Listing Field "SKU"
4. Select the Item Field "SKU"
5. Select a source store to export the information selected above from.
6. Click Export.
7. Open the CSV file in a spreadsheet tool.
8. Rename the "Listing SKU" column to "Replacement SKU"
9. Save the CSV.
10. Return to the Imports and Exports page
11. Click the "Item details" import.
12. Upload the CSV you saved.

If you need to update other additional details about your items, an item details import may be better suited for your needs.

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