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How to add items not offered on my sales channel to an order
How to add items not offered on my sales channel to an order

How to add any item in the SKULabs catalog to a sales channel order

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When editing a sales channel order in SKULabs you may find it useful to add items from your catalog that are not listed in the sales channel. This is possible by creating internal listings directly within SKULabs that do not exist on your channel via CSV.

1. Create and import a listing CSV file.

The following columns are required:

  • Store - The name of the store this listing is being imported for

  • ID - The numeric ID the sales channel typically uses to represent the listing. (In this case, you could just copy and use an item's SKU as it's ID.)

  • Name - The name of the listing

  • SKU - The stock keeping unit used to refer to the parent item

  • Barcode - A barcode for the listing

Import the listings CSV file via the Listings import on the Import/Export page.

2. Link listings to items

Now that the listings are created they need to be linked to items.

3. Deactivate the new listings to disable attempting stock sync

Because these listings do not technically exist on your sales channel, you should deactivate the listings to disable stock sync.

Visit the Listings page, select the listings checkbox, click actions > Deactivate listings.

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