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Why are items in SKULabs not automatically importing when I run a listings sync?
Why are items in SKULabs not automatically importing when I run a listings sync?

Why is my Sales Channel store not building items in SKULabs?

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How to correct and re-import listings.

First, make sure you have tried all the points offered in the following article which resolves 99% of cases where this is encountered:

Next, make sure you have correctly configured your store's catalog setup settings. It's recommended to only build new items from your primary store's listings and restricting your secondary stores to only link listings to existing SKULabs items.

Resolving catalog set up errors

If your listings are not properly configured with the correct SKUs and Barcodes on your external sales channels before running listings sync, they can be incorrectly linked to other already existing items within SKULabs or skipped entirely when building new items during listings sync.

Fixing a listing that has been incorrectly linked to another item:

  1. Unlink the listing from the SKULabs item's details page.

  2. Edit the SKU or barcode on that listing's external sales channel store.

  3. Re-Sync listings for that store.

New listing is not building an item during listings sync:

A new item will not be built from a listing if:

  • The listing is already currently linked to another SKULabs item/kit.

  • The listing shares the same barcode as another item/kit that already exists.

  1. Double check that the listing has not already been linked to another item by searching for its SKU in the search bar, the listings tab, and checking the catalog wizard.

  2. Search for the listing's barcode to ensure it is not the same as another item's that already exists.

  3. Correct any discrepancies on your sales channels.

  4. Re-Sync listings for that store.

If you are still unable to resolve this, please reach out to us using the in-app chat with the listing SKU and the specific store you are trying to import from.

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