If you suspect a listing has not been imported into SKULabs, starting with these points will help you resolve the issue 99% of the time:

  1. Have you tried running listings sync for the store the listing belongs to yet?
  2. Check if the listing was correctly imported by searching for the listing's SKU using the main search bar.
  3. Double check you are searching for the correct SKU that is being shown on your external sales channel.
  4. Check if the listing SKU is linked to the correct item SKU by navigating to the Inventory page > Listings tab and using table search for the SKU. Rows with mismatching SKUs are highlighted in yellow to easily identify discrepancies visually.
  5. Are your filters set to show all your stores listings? Make sure to show active, inactive, and unconfigured listings.
  6. Don't forget to check the Wizard tab! Successfully synced listings that did not build items may show up here.
  7. Is the listing hidden or visible? Are your SKULabs store integration settings configured correctly?
  8. (Walmart Stores only) Is your item available yet in the Items Report?
  9. Is the listing's product in stock on your sales channel?
  10. Is the item/kit configured properly on your sales channel? Your products need unique SKUs and Barcodes in order for listings to properly create or link to the correct SKULabs items. If you are not 100% sure about this point, consult the article offered below.

Resolving Catalog Set Up Errors – Why are my listings not creating items during listings sync?

If your listings are not properly configured with the correct SKUs and Barcodes on your external sales channels, they can be incorrectly linked to other already existing items within SKULabs or skipped entirely when building new items during listings sync. You can learn more here:

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