For new listings to appear within SKULabs, you must first run your store's listings sync.

This process pulls in listings from your store and builds or links them with items according to your store's SKULab catalog import and listing sync settings. We recommend doing this whenever you finish adding new products or editing existing listings in your online stores to also keep your SKULabs catalog up to date.

Tip: Changing options or option sets on your external stores will require that you re-run listings sync afterward.

How to run a listings sync

From your Dashboard, in the Sync Status panel, you will see a list of your currently connected stores. Under the Listings column, click on the refresh icon in the row of the store you wish to run a listings sync for.

This process may take some time depending on your settings and how many new listings are being imported.

After running a listings sync

After listings sync is run, review your catalog and ensure that the imported listings are linked to the correct items/kits.

  • A quick way to check if a listing SKU is linked to the correct item SKU is by navigating to the Listings tab. Listings with mismatching item SKUs are highlighted in yellow to easily identify them visually.

Also check your inventory Wizard tab to configure any listings that were not able to be automatically linked. This is a helpful method of manually configuring listings and items using the Catalog Setup Wizard.

Note: After an item is initially built from it's listing, any further information transfer for that item is strictly outbound from SKULabs. Learn more here.

Tip: If you need to run Listing Sync on a regular basis, you can create an automated listings sync from the Automation page.

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