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How to fix a product not syncing inventory with Shopify
How to fix a product not syncing inventory with Shopify

Run listings sync, let SKULabs manage your locations, enable inventory tracking on Shopify.

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If your Shopify listings do not appear to be syncing stock to Shopify, you might see "not stocked" in Shopify POS for a product that has inventory in SKULabs, or your sync reports might show one of the following errors:

This item is not connected to location XYZ. SKULabs can optionally connect items to locations in Shopify. See your store settings in SKULabs under integration options."


Error: This item does not manage inventory at location XYZ please see

Steps to correct

Run a listing sync

Information SKULabs receives from Shopify during listings sync is required to effectively sync stock in real-time. Start by simply running a listing sync for the store. After listings sync runs, allow some time for stock sync to run, then check if the product is correctly stocked.

Remember to run a new listing sync after making any changes to products/variants. Making changes every day? Visit Settings > Advanced > Scheduled Automations to automate listings sync.

Allow SKULabs to manage location assignments

Allow SKULabs control of Shopify product location assignment in your store's integration settings. When stock sync attempts to push stock to a linked Shopify location, the product will be assigned there.

This setting can be found by going to Settings -> Opening your store -> "Credentials & Integration Settings"

Inventory tracking might be disabled on Shopify

Special note about Kits

All components of a kit must have stock in your linked warehouses. e.g. If your backup warehouse has half of the items for your kit but isn't linked to your Shopify store, the kit will be out of stock!

To fix this: Assign, swap, or reconcile stock from the item page. Alternatively, use a transfer order.

Not working?

If you're still having issues, please reach out to support in chat with the SKU of the product and screenshots of the product details + inventory levels from Shopify.

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